Time change 2021: when does it change to winter time in Spain

Time change 2021: when does it change to winter time in Spain

There are still a few weeks left to change the time again. The arrival of autumn means that the light begins to go out earlier, so clocks must be adjusted to adapt to wintertime. This change will take place the last weekend of October. 

Therefore, at 03:00 in the morning, it will be 02:00. In the Canary Islands, where the clock shows one hour less, 02:00 hours will become 01:00 hours. That is, you will earn an hour of sleep.

In this way, all clocks must be set back at dawn on Saturday, October 30, 2021 – electronic devices such as mobile phones or computers do it automatically.

He will sleep one more hour although the sun rises earlier


With this change in time, sunrise and sunset will occur earlier. In other words, around 5:30 pm, it will start to be night, something that not everyone likes.

The arrival of wintertime, even though it only varies one hour, could cause the elderly and young children to have sleep or concentration problems. 

The objective of moving the time forward or backward is to adapt the work activity to the hours of natural light. This change has been in effect since the 1970s.

Turn Back the Clocks: Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday

Ready to sleep one more hour over the weekend? Daylight saving time ends in the early hours of the morning on Sunday, November 1.

The switch to Standard Time (ST) occurs on the first Sunday of November at 2 am (local time).

County firefighters say that as we change our clocks, we should also change the batteries in carbon monoxide (CO) detectors and check smoke alarms in our homes.

Working smoke alarms and CO detectors double a family’s chances of surviving a home fire and a dangerous level of carbon monoxide.

Time change: summer

The time change is approaching. In the early hours of Saturday, March 26, 2022,  the clocks will have to be modified so that at 02:00, they mark 03:00. That night we will sleep less! 

Starting Sunday, sunrise and sunset will be later. We will have more daylight hours in the afternoons.

Changes in schedules can affect the biological clock of children, mainly causing sleep disorders due to changes in their programs for a few days. Although it usually involves more diminutive than the change in the wintertime, we can see alterations at bedtime and at the time of waking up. If the lack of sleep accumulates, we can notice the little ones more tired, moody, irritable.

Like every year, we ask ourselves, what can we do to help them adapt to the schedules of our little ones?


We have several alternatives. Do nothing or make a gradual change in more or less time. The decision to make one option or another will depend on our baby. 

Option 1. Gradual adaptation.

Regulate the hours gradually, in advance, so that they do not notice the difference in the time change.

You can progressively adjust the previous days, the routines, and the schedules. How? Every two or three days, advance their programs about 10-15 minutes (wake time, naps, and bedtime). You will also have to move mealtimes and other routines. 


  • Usual schedule: Wake up 8 am, Siesta 10 am, Siesta 2pm, Sleep 8 pm
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