When you may need your bank routing number?

The routing number of a bank account (routing number), also known as ABA or ACH Code, is the number or identifier code of United States banks and is used to make movements such as deposits, bank transfers between accounts, or to international banks. If you need to make an international transfer and you wonder: how to know the routing number of my bank account? we invite you to read the following post.

What are bank accounts?

Bank accounts are a financial product offered by banks, whose main function is where they can deposit money to make movements, manage it and carry out operations. 

Characteristics of bank accounts

Among the characteristics of bank accounts are the following:

  • Commission: in general, they will have to pay a monthly commission for the maintenance and administration of the bank account.
  • Means of payment: bank accounts allow associated payments, such as checkbooks, debit, and credit cards.
  • Immediate liquidity: the account allows you to have money at the moment, by transfer, ATM, and other forms.
  • Identification: each type of bank account has a code that allows them to be identified.
  • Usefulness: Depending on the type of account, it will depend on its usefulness if it is a checking account, savings, payroll, remunerated, for young people, etc.

What types of bank accounts are there?

There are different types of bank accounts, such as the following:

  • Current Account: this allows you to process money daily, being a simple way through demand deposits. They will have the money at all times and make transfers, payments, etc.
  • Savings account: it is one of the most used accounts since it allows you to generate interest on the money deposited and use it. Said accounts may vary according to the charges they have each month that are applied for the service, rate, and initial deposit.
  • Payroll account: this is the type of account that allows direct debiting of your payroll/linking the collection of salary to the account. The bank where they opened the account does not charge them for certain usual commissions, the bank can offer them remuneration for the savings or a benefit/gift.
  • Interest-bearing account: it is a savings account for people who do not want to suffer the penalty for withdrawing the money before the term. This type of account offers returns, although it may be less than a fixed-term deposit.

How to know the routing number of my bank account?

In order to make international transfers to the United States, it is necessary to know the routing number of your international bank account or ABA Code, and that it is correct, otherwise you could send the money to another account or your transfer may be rejected. and returned to your account, wasting your time and even risking your trading.

The bank account routing number consists of 9 digits, and they are the first digits that appear on a check for that account. Remember that each bank account routing number is different and can vary from state to state in the United States. For example, the routing number for a Florida Citibank bank account is not the same as the routing number for a California Citibank account. That’s why it’s important to know how to find your bank account routing number.

Taking into account the above, the easiest way to know the routing number of your bank account is to copy it from a check that belongs to the bank in which you want to send or receive money. This number is the first 9-digit block you’ll see on the check:

How to know the routing number of my bank account on the web?

Is there another way to know the routing number of my bank account? Yes, there is; in case you do not have a check on hand that shows you the routing number of the bank account, you can obtain it through the website of the bank to which you want to transfer since each bank offers you the option of finding out its code ABA or bank account routing number.

For example, you can find the routing number for a Chase bank account by logging into chase.com and clicking on the last four digits of your account number above your account information or by viewing it on a bank check. If you do not have a check from the bank, you can find the routing number in the list offered on the page of the respective bank.

It should be noted that in some international wire transfers the SWIFT Code may be used instead of the routing number of the bank account. The SWIFT Code, like the account routing number, is different for each bank and each location, so it must be well written for the transfer to be effective.

How to know the routing number of my bank account in the app?

Finally, you can find out the routing number of your bank account from your bank’s mobile App, from Account Summary, select the checking or savings account and review the Account Details section.

Knowing how to find the routing number of your bank account is very important as it allows you to make international deposits and transfers correctly. Remember that the routing number of the bank account is associated with the bank and its location, so the same bank has different routing numbers depending on the state in which it is located.

By Cary Grant

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