2022 Best Cheap Home Insurance in Arizona

2022 Best Cheap Home Insurance in Arizona

Overview of Home Insurance in Arizona

While low premiums are important, finding the best homeowners insurance in Arizona is about more than just a great price. Here are some other factors to consider when shopping.

Different types of homeowners coverage

There are eight different types of coverage, six of which are designed to protect traditional (non-mobile) homes. Some types of coverage are simple and provide basic protection. Others offer all the bells and whistles. The best home insurance companies offer them all. Before purchasing homeowners coverage, it is important to know the level of coverage you want.

Cover level

The thing about a simple insurance policy is that it may be cheap, but it’s unlikely to provide comprehensive coverage. Suppose a homeowner has a lot of money in the bank and knows he can afford to rebuild the house if it is damaged or destroyed. This person can do very well with a basic policy. However, if a homeowner knows they will need a lot of help rebuilding, a comprehensive policy can help them sleep better at night.

deductible amount

A deductible is an amount the owner must pay for a claim. Let’s say there is a fire in the kitchen and the total repair cost is $20,000 with a $1,000 policy deductible. The owner pays the contractors $1,000 and the insurance company covers the remaining $19,000.

Potential discounts

One way to land cheap homeowners insurance in Arizona is to look for policy discounts. Although one policy may seem more expensive than another at first glance, the price can be significantly reduced by discounts. Almost every company offers discounts on home insurance, and they cover everything from discounts for non-smokers to discounts for installing a certain type of roof or setting up an alarm system.

What are the most common home insurance claims in Arizona?

Each region is known for a different set of natural disasters. For example, North Dakota has ice dams, South Carolina has hurricanes, and California has mudslides and earthquakes. But natural disasters aren’t the only reason an Arizona homeowner might file a claim. Here are some of the top home insurance claims in Arizona:

water damage

Arizona has more than its fair share of floodplains, making water damage one of the most common home insurance claims in the state. In addition to flooding caused by weather events, there is also flooding due to the failure of home systems, such as plumbing and appliances.

Wind damage

Another common claim is for wind and hail damage. The roof, windows, and siding can each be battered by a single storm.

Theft and vandalism

Burglary is a problem in every state, and Arizona is no exception. While an insurance policy is a great way for homeowners to protect themselves against loss, there are other things they can do to secure their property. Things like investing in a home security system, living in an area where neighbors watch out for each other, and using a safe rather than hiding a key around the front door can all help reduce risk. flight.

Home Insurance Coverage Options and Discounts in Arizona

The best home insurance in Arizona offers a high level of coverage without charging an arm and a leg for a policy. When it comes time to purchase insurance, it pays to compare coverage options against the cost (including discounts).

Cover options

As mentioned, there are eight different types of home insurance policies. In the insurance industry, these categories are referred to as HO-1 through HO-8. Of the eight, one type covers renters and another only covers mobile homes. The remaining six font types range from basic coverage to protection with all the bells and whistles. For example, a homeowner with special features in their home — like a custom wine cellar or home theater — can get enough coverage to protect those upgrades. A homeowner can also protect their property from ice dams, electrical surges, and earthquakes.

Discount options

The trick to finding cheap homeowners insurance in Arizona is to get as many discounts as possible. Each insurer offers a different set of discount options, but here are some of the most common:

  • New construction
  • home security system
  • Set of home and auto fonts
  • non-smoker
  • Roof leveling
  • Loyalty to the company

5 Cheapest Cities in Arizona for Home Insurance

There are several reasons why a house may be more or less expensive to insure. For example, how close (or how far) a home is to a fire station, the value of surrounding homes, and the general crime rate of the area are important. Here are the five cheapest cities in Arizona for home insurance:

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