How does a dental quote work?

Is the placement of a crown, an implant or a dental bridge recommended for your dental care? In this case, your dentist is obliged to provide you with a dental estimate. What is its use? How to get one? How to communicate it to your health insurance? Here’s everything you need to know about dental quotes!

Dental quote: how does it work?

A dental care treatment is set up during your consultation with your dentist. The purpose of the dental estimate is to inform you of the exact cost of this treatment and the reimbursement that you can obtain from Social Security.

The dental estimate contains many elements:

  • the type of implant or dental prosthesis used: ceramic crown, bridge, etc.
  • the amounts of each prosthesis as well as those of the potential fees;
  • the amount of care not covered by Social Security (so-called non-nomenclature);
  • the amount you have to pay;
  • an insert with the date, your signature and that of your dentist: after being signed, the dental estimate has a lifespan of 1 year. Your care must be carried out during this period.

The materials used have their importance in the cost of dental care. Ceramic prostheses, gold or silver, do not involve the same amount. Therefore, your dentist must also specify this element in your dental implant estimate, dental appliance estimate or dental crown estimate.

Also take into account the price of so-called non-nominal (HN) dental care. This care is not covered by health insurance. This can be periodontal (gum) care or, for example, dental insurance procedures surgery. All of this information will be communicated to you through the drafting of a dental quote. It is therefore essential to solicit several of them, and above all, to understand them well.

For more savings, it is recommended to make a comparison of several quote offers, but also mutual insurance companies. In addition to the considerable time saving, you can find a complementary contract corresponding to both your profile and your budget. Savings can therefore be made at the level of your dental implant quote, but also at the level of the subscription of better health coverage. This is why we provide you with a comparator of mutual insurance companies to obtain free online quotes:

How to send a dental quote to your health insurance?

Essential for the patient, the dental quote is also essential for your health insurance. After knowing the amount not covered by Social Security, you must send your dental quote to your complementary health insurance. Sending the dental estimate must be done without wasting time by mail, with acknowledgment of receipt, to receive the description of the treatment quickly.

Once the estimate has been received, your mutual will study it to indicate the dental reimbursement that you can receive. Depending on the coverage established by your mutual, you will then have the option of signing the quote or not. In case of signature, you agree to be treated by the practitioner who wrote the estimate.

If it is imperative to send your dental estimate to your mutual insurance company, it is not necessary to contact Health Insurance before setting up your dental care. Indeed, reimbursement by Social Security is automatic and above all, fixed.

Depending on the coverage by Social Security and the reimbursements made by your mutual health insurance, you may have a to pay. Your dentist must indicate this amount in the dental estimate. It is interesting to note that some dentists and practices can offer payments in installments if the amount to be paid is too high for your budget.

Is it mandatory to get a dental quote?

If you need to have dental treatment for the fitting of a crown or a bridge, your dentist is obliged to provide you with a dental estimate. the dental estimate is required and must be given to the patient when dental surgeons offer treatment at a high cost.

Since January 1, 2020, your dentist is obliged to give you the choice between several options  :

  • a fully reimbursed care package;
  • a basket with controlled prices;
  • a basket with free prices.

This was made possible thanks to the reform of 100% dental health , implemented by the government to make dental, optical and hearing care more accessible.

Do not hesitate to request a dental quote from several practitioners. The price may vary from one to another, it is recommended to compare the offers!

Letter of request for reimbursement of dental care to be sent with the estimate

To obtain an estimate of the amount of reimbursement for your dental care, you must send a letter with your dental estimate to the health insurance fund. As a general rule, the response provided by your mutual insurance company is quick and precise. However, you must provide all the necessary information. Your dental quote must indicate all the natures of all dental care. Non-nominal care, for example, which is not covered by Social Security, can be partially reimbursed by your mutual insurance company.

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