How consumers choose a reliable insurance agent

The professional quality of agents needs to be improved urgently

The insurance agent system was introduced into mainland China by American AIA in the 1990s and has developed rapidly since then. This marketing method also laid the foundation for the development of China’s life insurance industry.

With the social and economic development of the whole country and the continuous enhancement and deepening of consumers’ understanding and awareness of insurance, this model puts forward higher and higher requirements for the professional quality of agents.

At present, in the face of strong insurance consumption demand, the professional quality of the agent must have at least the following two points:

First of all, it is necessary to have the ability to provide customers with a real insurance needs analysis.

In the past, many agents regarded insurance products as simple financial products and only used insurance pricing or insurance investment returns as the basis for influencing customer decisions. Now only have the professional ability to provide objective demand analysis for customers, so that customers can truly understand their own needs in life insurance – such as protection against accidental injury risk, major disease risk, future pension risk, and carry out these risk needs. Quantification and providing financial solutions mean that the salesperson has reliable elements.

To be engaged in life insurance sales is not simply “selling medicines”, but should regard yourself as a “doctor”, consult customers, then prescribe prescriptions for customers, and finally recommend suitable ones according to the customer’s economic situation and risk preference. product.

Secondly, it is necessary to have a relevant policy, legal knowledge, and the ability to continuously learn.

Affected by the current overall socio-economic environment, financial supervision has become increasingly strict. The state regulates and restrains the salespersons, especially the sales behavior of life insurance salespersons, through various means such as laws and systems.

Therefore, as an excellent life insurance marketer, you must have relevant laws and regulations knowledge, be familiar with relevant national policies, and be able to practice by yourself, to establish a good professional image in front of customers and build a personal professional reputation.

These two competencies are the two basic competencies that the entire industry, including DaJia Life, pays more attention to and values ​​in the process of recruiting agents.

Three lines of defense against misleading sales

The problem of misleading sales should be said to be a huge challenge that the entire industry, whether it is regulators or insurance companies, cannot avoid.

Whether it is customers, regulators, or industry practitioners, the majority of front-line marketers are aware of the harm caused by misleading sales to the development of the entire industry.

Only by relying on a multi-pronged approach and continuous governance can we prevent and manage the stubborn disease of misleading sales.

Taking DaJia Life as an example, it has established three lines of defense against misleading sales.

First of all, the recruitment and training of good business personnel are closed.

In all recruitment processes and training sessions for salespeople, put “really meeting customer needs” in the first place, rather than simply explaining the level of income, the quality of products, and other seemingly more attractive factors to the salespeople. guide.

Although in the training process, the salesman will feel that the various rules and systems that the company requires to abide by are cumbersome, if the salesperson wants to work in this industry for a long time and regard it as a reliable and reliable profession, this It is the starting point of all sales activities.

Therefore, it is very important to control the import of good increase members. Dajia Life Insurance welcomes business partners who are willing to start businesses under the principle of compliance with laws and regulations.

Second, establish a second line of defense at the company system level, including product research and development, and online and offline sales behavior management of salespeople.

Although Daria Life has not been in the market for a long time, it is very effective in managing the activity of online salespersons.

Specifically, in compliance, sales, operation, customer service, and other links, use online means to track the behavior of the salesperson and communicate and contact the salesperson at any time through the online form of compliance requirements. , guidance, supervision, feedback, but also the system falls on the sales behavior of the salesman.

Third, strict punishment is the third pass.

Sometimes sales will inevitably receive complaints from customers, and sometimes a small number of salespersons do have some misleading sales due to their subjective wishes or lack of personal skills. For such behaviors, under the strict compliance procedures within the company, there is a set of strict handling mechanisms.

The establishment of these three lines of defense has played a better role in rectifying deviations, correcting misleading sales behaviors, and further guiding the majority of DaJia Life’s business personnel to serve customers healthily and professionally.

Systematic protection of consumer rights

From the perspective of insurance law and other related laws, the rights and interests of customers will not suffer any loss or deviation due to the resignation of the insurance agent, because the insurance company signs the contract.

The same is true for DaJia Life. Since Daria Life has chosen an insurance contract, DaJia Life will treat each customer seriously and ensure that services are in place within the period of contract execution.

Specifically, once a salesperson leaves, DaJia Life has at least three ways to ensure the relevant rights and interests of customers:

First, with the consent of the customer, other business personnel will be arranged to connect and continue to provide a series of insurance services such as preservation, customer rights application, change of customer-related information, and recommendation of suitable insurance products.

Second, through the national unified service hotline 95569, to confirm and track the insurance protection rights and interests of customers. The online system can still provide customers with relevant service requirements and guarantees.

Third, the application for relevant rights and interests and the handling of appeals can be directly carried out through any network in the country. These outlets are all registered and can be checked online and on the official website.

The Internet makes services more reliable and convenient

The Internet has profoundly affected all aspects of people’s lives. It not only brings convenience but also poses some challenges in many fields. For life insurance, agents, and business personnel, it is inevitable to face such a challenge.

Specifically, there are at least the following aspects:

First, the Internet has increased customer choices.

Insurance product is not a high-frequency consumption product, nor is it a simple financial product. It has a relatively complex risk protection description and calculation mechanism, which needs to be demonstrated and calculated by professional personnel to customers. In the past, it was in the form of face-to-face, but now, we have some simple products that can be sold online, such as short-term and very short-term accident insurance, and critical illness insurance with given payment conditions. Many online insurance product innovations have brought convenience to many customers. In this process, agents are required to be able to discover customers’ demands for a series of long-term products such as birth, old age, sickness, death, disability, etc., through the network and customer traffic, in addition to simple insurance products. challenge.

Second, the Internet provides effective protection for the rights and interests of customers.

Due to the symmetry of information, salespeople are required to interact with customers with a more honest, open, and professional attitude, instead of the original customer not being found, and deception, misleading, concealment, and other phenomena may occur. Through the network path, everything will become very transparent and convenient, which is a warning to the salesman who needs to improve their professional quality.

Third, the Internet makes customer service more convenient.

In the past, there were many cases of contacting customers by telephone and door-to-door, but now through mobile phones, WeChat, and the Internet, information can be transmitted at any time, which facilitates the communication between customers and salesmen. In This process, customer service is also realized through the online service system of the insurance company.

Daria Life has built a fully functional “DaJia Ace” operating platform for agents, which can realize multi-level operations between the company and the agent, between the agent and the customer, between the company and the customer, and between the front, middle and back offices of the company. Interaction can realize the function of the agent and the company serving customers together.

In short, the Internet has brought a positive and positive promotion to the entire life insurance industry, and the insurance sales format has also enjoyed the dividends brought by the Internet.

How to use the Internet to change past behaviors and habits and improve your online serviceability; how to further understand and understand customer demands through online channels, and convert these demands online or offline to improve them to the client?

It can be said that not only these problems, but the Internet has put forward higher requirements for the improvement of the ability of practitioners in all aspects.

By Cary Grant

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