Is it possible to ensure a car without an owner?

Not always the owners of cars are their real owners. . Often one person buys a car, and one of the relatives, wife or children manages it. For various reasons, the rightful owner may not drive at all and even live far from the area where his car drives. This situation can continue for a long time without creating any special problems. Therefore, when drawing up documents for compulsory auto insurance, many people have a question about whether it is possible to ensure a car if I am not the owner. 

The OSAGO policy form can be filled out using the data of both the owner of the vehicle and the person who insures it. This means that not only its owner but also a person who has all the necessary documents for issuing insurance can take out insurance for a vehicle. The provisions of the Federal Law of April 25, 2002 No. 40 “On OSAGO” establish the possibility of obtaining a policy by a third party, without the right to own a car. It is not necessary to buy an insurance policy at the office of the insurer; you can do this on its official website. You just need to fill out an electronic form when applying. It provides the opportunity to enter information into it not by the owner of the vehicle, but by another person. But it is important to bear in mind that a prerequisite for insurance, in this case, is that the policyholder has a power of attorney to perform such actions. This document does not need to be notarized. 

The owner’s signature is sufficient. The insured is the person who makes the insurance. In addition, he makes the required changes to the policy in the future: indicates new drivers; changes the terms of use; requests a duplicate. Following the law, one person can be the owner of the vehicle, another can act as the insured, and the third person can drive the car. Thus, the insured is not required to be the owner of the car. The owner and the insured are different persons when the policy is issued. Therefore, the form has two separate columns for them. Documents for obtaining insurance not the owner of the car Quite relevant is the question of whether it is possible to ensure a car without an owner

To obtain a policy, you must submit the following package of documents to the insurance company: Driver’s licenses of persons who will be covered by the policy. Identity card of the insured and a copy of the passport of the owner of the car. Vehicle passport and registration certificate. OSAGO policy, the validity of which is expiring. Power of attorney for insurance. Therefore, it is possible to issue OSAGO without the owner of the car. To do this, you must present the package of documents established by law to the insurer. Attach a power of attorney to receive insurance with the signature of the owner of the car. But, despite this, in the event of an insured event, only the owner of the vehicle has the right to receive payment. If he does not have such an opportunity for some reason, then the insured receives the funds. Then he undertakes to submit to the insurer a notarized power of attorney. 

Is it possible to obtain auto citizenship without the presence of the owner of the vehicle Many drivers are interested in the question of whether it is possible to insure a car without an owner? After all, the owner and the driver can live in different regions and not meet for a long time. When issuing OSAGO, the insured needs to enter certain information in the document, including the full name of the owner and data on other persons who are allowed to drive the car. These indicators are used by insurers when calculating the cost of insurance.

 The price of the policy will increase depending on the number of drivers. Following the legislation of 2019, an OSAGO policy can be issued without the owner of the car. Therefore, you can do without the unnecessary inconvenience and not deliver the owner of the vehicle to the office of the insurance company. The driver presents a power of attorney to drive a car, fills out a contract, and pays the cost of insurance. 

An insurer’s refusal to issue an OSAGO to a person who is not the owner of the car or the requirement that the owner is present without fail is an illegal action. If such a situation arises, the driver can confirm his position with the Federal Law on OSAGO dated April 25, 2002 No. 40-FZ, it is he who protects his interests. Insurance when selling or buying a used car When concluding a contract for the sale of a used car, the owner should understand the procedure for issuing the relevant documents, including the OSAGO policy. In such cases, special rules apply regarding the duration of the insurance. The new owner cannot use the former owner’s policy, even if the document has not expired at the time of purchase. 

In this regard, when purchasing a used vehicle, the driver must issue a new OSAGO policy, it will come into force from the moment of registration. This requirement is because when concluding a new auto insurance contract, the car buyer will have to reissue a diagnostic card and a registration certificate. These documents indicate the name of the owner, so the insurance must be reissued to the appropriate person. Otherwise, in the event of an insured event, the new owner will not be able to use the car insurance policy.

By Cary Grant

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