How to obtain a certificate of professional civil liability?

RC pro insurance is not compulsory for all activities. However, your business partners may require to work with you only if you are covered.

What should your certificate contain?

Your certificate must mention several important information:

  • the contact details of your insurer
  • the subscriber (your company)
  • the contract number (sometimes on the insurance certificate)
  • the activities insured
  • the guaranteed period
  • the amounts of the guarantees
  • deductibles applied
  • the geographical area covered

Professional civil liability

Professional civil liability insurance is necessary when your business is called into question as a result of damage caused to a third party

. The business is a place of life: you receive your customers and suppliers. You have employees.

Thus, you are responsible for damage caused to a third party in the context of this activity, even if you are not the author of the damage. For example :

  • Your sign comes off and injures a customer
  • Following a manufacturing error, a series of products is defective and is the subject of multiple customer returns. User safety is concerned, you are obliged to set up a communication and product recall operation.
  • One of your employees is accidentally injured following the failure of a numerically controlled machine.

Faced with these numerous risks, RC PRO insurance protects you against financial consequences that can be significant. The insurance certificate is issued by your agent. 

Who issues the certificate?

To obtain a professional RC certificate, you must take out insurance or a broker who will assess your needs according to the size of your company and its sector of activity.

In some cases, you will need to provide supporting documents depending on your activity.

How to obtain the certificate?

A large number of insurers offer professional indemnity insurance. The guarantees can vary greatly as well as the level of deductible. The prices are also very variable with identical guarantees.

To obtain a certificate you have the possibility:

  • to contact each insurer independently and to check product by product, guarantees, and prices
  • to go through an online comparator that will allow you to choose the most competitive offers with the guarantees adapted to your activity in a minimum of time

Insured is an independent and free comparator that allows you to find the ideal offer in a few minutes.

As a comparator and digital broker, Insurly does not charge any brokerage fees. We are remunerated only by a commission from the insurer, without this affecting your price.

The certificate can be provided just a few minutes after the subscription

Find the best insurance at the lowest price


Renewal of your RC Pro insurance certificate

RCP insurance contracts are generally tacitly renewed each year. Your insurer will therefore send you a copy of your certificate with the new guaranteed period.

In case of loss of certificate, it can be returned on a simple request to your insurer or your broker.

How much does the subscription cost to obtain the certificate?

It is very variable. For individual entrepreneurs, RC pro insurance can cost 100€/year, and for other regulated activities that start-up 400€/year. These prices increase with the size of the company, its level of guarantee desired, and the amount of deductible chosen.

Optional guarantees can be taken out such as RC operating insurance or legal protection.

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