Which car insurance must be bought for new and used cars?

 Many friends are asking how to buy the best car insurance, which car insurance must buy, how to buy car insurance cost-effectively, and which insurance company is the best for car insurance. So how do you insure your car?

 What is the best way to get insurance? This can still be compared, not only to see how much they cost, but also to see what kind of insurance is suitable for you, and how many people have used car insurance, if it is highly rated and what you need, then it is worth it Everyone voted. Nowadays, there are many types of car insurance, and some car insurance is not necessary to buy. Let’s take a look at which car insurance must be bought. According to different situations, the editor distinguishes the car insurance that must be bought for new and second-hand cars.

 Compulsory auto insurance for both new and used cars. Compulsory traffic insurance must be purchased, which is expressly stipulated in legal terms. When renewing the insurance, the insurance company will adjust the amount of compulsory traffic insurance according to the owner’s accident record during the one-year insurance period, and the cost is about 1,000 yuan. Commercial third-party liability insurance for new and second-hand cars is recommended. Commercial third-party liability insurance is third-party liability insurance in supplementary compulsory traffic insurance, and policyholders often only buy a maximum amount of 50,000 yuan. Insurance experts suggest that this project should try to invest 100,000 yuan insured.

 Recommended insurance for new and used cars. No car owner can guarantee that there will be no accident when driving. Even if he does not go out, he will inevitably encounter vehicle losses caused by others or spontaneous combustion. Therefore, this money cannot be saved. It is recommended to purchase the insurance for new and second-hand cars without deductible liability insurance.” Excluding deductibles” means that even if the car owner is not at fault, the insurance company still has 5%-20% of the insured amount that can not be paid. However, if the car owner has purchased excluding deductible liability insurance, the insurance company will pay the full amount. It is recommended to buy insurance for theft and rescue for new cars. For a new car that has just been bought for more than a year, experts suggest that theft and rescue are worth buying, because in case of an accident if there is theft and rescue, the insurance company will make relevant compensation according to the car price after confirmation and verification. to reduce losses.

 It is recommended that used car insurance be purchased with spontaneous combustion insurance. As the number of years of use of used cars increases, the risk of spontaneous combustion increases, and spontaneous combustion insurance is even more indispensable. Special reminder that many novices buy a self-driving car just after getting their driver’s license, which is very common in China. Although the novice drives more carefully but is inexperienced, some bumpy things will inevitably happen.

 So for beginners, we generally recommend buying several types of insurance. Don’t take chances, just buy compulsory insurance. You know, once an accident occurs, the money you need to spend is much more than the investment in buying insurance that you saved at that time. Therefore, in addition to compulsory traffic insurance, newbies should also purchase vehicle loss insurance. To ensure that you can get enough compensation in the event of an accident with your vehicle. The amount of compensation for compulsory traffic insurance is relatively low, for larger accidents, such as hitting someone, or hitting a luxury vehicle such as a Mercedes-Benz BMW and causing road damage. Compulsory insurance is not enough.

There are so many car insurance products, which car insurance must buy?

Many car owners are bewildered by the sheer variety of insurance available. When it comes to car insurance, they must first think of compulsory insurance. Compulsory insurance is the first compulsory insurance system implemented by China’s national law. Therefore, compulsory insurance is naturally the insurance owned by the motor vehicle.

An experienced car owner never forgets to have auto damage insurance. A car accident refers to an insured accident in which the insured or his permitted driver causes damage to the insured vehicle while driving the insured vehicle, and the insurance company compensates within a reasonable range. That is to say, if you accidentally scratch your car, or if someone else caused the injury but you can’t find the responsible person, the compensation is for yourself. It should be noted that car damage insurance should be insured according to the car price. If you invest too much, you will waste your premiums. If you invest too low, you will not get reasonable insurance compensation when you need it.

Third-party liability insurance (also known as “three liability insurance”) is also one of the items purchased by car owners. Since the liability for compensation is limited, the maximum compensation amount is 122,000 yuan, so the three-liability insurance can play a supplementary role when the car owner suffers more losses. The third party in third-party liability insurance refers to the victim under the motor vehicle, except the insurer and the insured, due to the accident of the insured vehicle, causing damage to the people or property under the insured vehicle. The three-liability insurance is a supplement to compulsory traffic insurance. Whether it is third-party personnel, accidental medical treatment, property damage, or compulsory traffic insurance is not enough, the three-liability insurance can be used as a supplement.

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