A basic policy such as third party insurance, a more complete one such as extended third parties or full coverage with comprehensive insurance. Which option suits you? Analyze your circumstances to choose your car insurance: do you drive daily? How old is the vehicle? Do you park on the street or in a garage?

You have your brand new Toyota, and you need to ensure it, but. What car insurance to choose from? What types of insurance are there? And, above all, which one best suits you and your needs? Let’s get out of the doubt. Attention!

Types of car insurance

There are three types of car insurance: third party (the simplest and most basic), all risk (the most complete), and the extended third party insurance modality between one and the other. Which one suits you? Let’s see it.

1. Third-party car insurance

It is the minimum insurance, by law. Also known as basic insurance, it only covers the material and personal damage that the insured vehicle causes to others (drivers, pedestrians, cars).

What includes?

  • Civil liability insurance (minimum compulsory insurance required by law to drive a car)
  • Legal defense, claim for damages, and roadside assistance
  • Most of the time, driver’s insurance and liability for trailers and caravans 

It does not cover

  • Damage to the insured car (the costs of its repair)
  • Damage caused to the driver himself (unless it includes the driver’s insurance)

Recommended if

  • You drive occasionally
  • You park your car in a garage.
  • Your car is more than 10 or 15 years old because its market value (sale value at the time of an accident) in the event of a total loss will be pretty low.

You have chosen your Yaris two-tone with a heart. Insurance, select it with your head

Opting for your AYGO is easy, for the insurance… not so much

2. Extended third-party car insurance

It includes more coverage than third-party insurance, but it is not as complete as an all-risk. The extended third-party insurance incorporates the guarantees of basic insurance with the option of adding the ones you need.

What includes?

  • All third-party policy coverage
  • It may include, at the choice of the insured: Coverage for partial or total breakage of windows or windshields, fire insurance, vehicle theft, repair of vehicle damage in an accident, interest and loan expenses for car repairs, civil liability of the policyholder of the insurance declared as a cyclist and of the minor child if he drives without a license, defense against traffic fines, subsidy for withdrawing the driving permit and cleaning of the vehicle for the transfer of injured people.

It does not cover

  • Insured car (expenses for its repair)
  • Damage caused to the driver himself (unless it includes the driver’s insurance)

Recommended if

  • You don’t drive every day
  • Your car is between 5 and 15 years old
  • You want additional coverage without paying an all risk

3. Comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive insurance offers a full range of guarantees for both the driver and the vehicle. Its main difference is that it always covers both (insured driver and car): whether or not it is the cause in the event of an accident as if there are no third parties or damage occurs during parking.

What includes?

  • All the coverages of the extended third-party policy
  • Substitution vehicle
  • Own damages (of the policyholder and the car)

Two types of comprehensive insurance

  • With franchise: It is cheaper but only covers part of the expenses in case of loss. When formalizing it, an amount is set to be the maximum that the insured will assume in the repair costs. Above it, the insurer will face them.
  • Without excess: The insurer assumes all responsibility for the vehicle 

Recommended if

  • You have a new car: In the event of an accident, many insurers include compensation for the new value of the vehicle during the first two years after registration. 
  • Are you worried about small bumps and scratches?
  • You park on the street.
  • you drive daily

Your new Toyota C-HR is well worth an entire risk.

4. For young drivers, tailored insurance

Drivers under the age of 25, who have just obtained their driving license, constitute the highest risk group for insurers. If this is your case, we recommend you take out a specific policy for young people, which will allow you to adapt it to your needs.

5. Eurocare, roadside assistance for your Toyota

During the first three years, from the day of your car registration, you have Toyota Eurocareroadside assistance. This free Toyota service guarantees you help in an accident or breakdown and includes everything from on-site repair to car pick-up, hotel, transfers.

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