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How long have you taken a wedding and how do you do it?

I have been in the professional wedding photography industry for the past 7 years now. I always enjoy photography, especially the genre of street photography. I immediately realized that I had a natural encouragement to photograph people and it surprised me that I was really able to do this as a profession and do activities that satisfy my love for art, creativity, and spontaneity.

Since then I have been addicted! I think I really want to know basically and this allows me to quickly connect with people and get entangled in their stories. I recently also wrote my self -reflective post about this, about how I consider my life choices to help my photography.

I consider myself a spiritual person and this has an effect on the way I look at various things. I always try to see things -day everyday and worldly in a fresh new way -through the eyes of a child.

I have also learned as a machine engineer, I am always fascinated by design and aesthetics. I found that this background had helped me fight for perfection and accuracy.

What do you like to photograph marriage?

I especially like the vibrations and emotions of the wedding day. Everyone is very excited and best! While the wedding day is indeed a big responsibility, I feel comfortable as a photographer for that day.

Apart from the work to do, I found the trick was that I enjoyed myself during the wedding and I made a point that I enjoyed myself. When I enjoyed the marriage, I managed to give my best and because of that I got better results.

At the end of the marriage, I like to retell beautiful pictures that can be considered as art and will forever remain in the memory of the couple. This is along with the fact that I like networks, meet new people and make new friends make a perfect marriage for me.

What is your favorite part today?

Every different part of the wedding day is special and unique and has its unique properties. But I will lie if I say I do not have a preference for certain times in a day.

I really like to photograph the ready parts like gay weddings los angeles, because it allows me to be creative because people are so busy preparing their awareness about me in the room is usually low. Therefore I can work creatively, keep the key low and according to my wishes.

I like the moment after the wedding ceremony, when the bride is available to take some beautiful pictures. In the end this is a few moments when we can be creative and try to use the best locations, light and geometry available!

I also always wait for the Dancefloor moment, where people become a little crazy and there are good vibrations around!

So as you can see, it’s hard to say which my favorite parts today, because all different parts of the wedding day are so beautiful and special!

How do you describe your style and approach?

I tried to achieve an eternal and elegant style in all of my pictures. But I am very flexible and always want to insert spontaneous and natural images that capture moments as the couple lives.

My job is pose, talking about romance, intimacy and connection but is also influenced by my love for street photography. Therefore I always try to put people (engagement photography price) in the picture I took.

Who or what inspired you?

I was inspired by the main artists like Caravaggio who used Chiaroscuro techniques very well. Like painting, wedding photography is very subject to the use of light and contrast. I consider my camera and lens as my brush.

I also have to give awards to well -recognized international photographers who have been an inspiration for me.

By MuhammadJunaid

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