Reasons Why You Should Start a Photography Blog

Starting a photography blog is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I will never guess when I pulled a trigger in my first blog post how many good things will come from him.

I spoke briefly about starting a blog in this article, 10 photography lessons like malibu wedding photographer that I have learned for 10 years, and I decided to be deeper. The benefits of sharing your photos on your own blog, and I will talk about 12 here.

1. Having a photography blog will help you grow

Sometimes it’s easy to stale in your photography. You tend to photograph the same thing in the same way and post-process using the same preset.

A blog can help inspire you to get out of the stale habits and grow as a photographer because you naturally want to share something new and interesting. Knowing that people see your photography blog is a great motivator to post photos that are better today than you did last week.

2. You will build your own platform

Your blog is yours to do what you want, and that means you are building something that is 100% yours. If you only post your photos to social media then you depend on the service, and your photography is not their priority.

Building a photography blog that is all about you and your photos will be there as long as you want, and that can be a platform that grows over time.

3. Show your photos the way you

All blog services will come with several forms of adjustment, which means you can show off your photography as you like. You can use anything starting from a simple and free theme that looks good outside the box to the paid premium theme that gives you more features and options.

If you really want full control over the appearance and taste, get a blog that is held yourself in your own domain. They are cheap and easy to manage, and you will have your blog forever. You can even have double it as your photography portfolio website.

4. Share more of your photography

Your photography blog can be the right place to share your pictures that might not be your best work. There are a number of reasons you might want to do this.

You might want to share a collection of photos or subjects. You can share photos before and after you to describe the new post -processing technique. There are many reasons why you might want to share some photos that are not good enough for your main photography portfolio, and a blog is the right place to do it.

5. You will be a better storyteller

Learning to tell stories with your photos is one of the best ways to improve your photography. A good storyteller will capture people’s interests and emotions. Blogging will help you become a better storyteller because the image you share comes with a story.

The great part of a photography blog is that you can write as much as you want, and that adds a photo story. The process of telling the story of the photo will develop your creative muscles and you will naturally be better at telling stories with your photography.

6. People will know you better

I like to assume my own blog is not only somewhere to teach photography travel, but where people can know me as a true human being. I like writing travel stories on my blog, sharing not only my photos, but the story and experience that accompanies it.

People who find and read the photography blog you will see more about who you are than on Instagram or Facebook. This can be a place to tell people behind the camera.

7. You will see your growth from time to time

Nothing is connected like looking back through old photos and reading old posts on your blog. Sometimes it can make you horrified, but that’s a good thing.

Your blog can be a place where you document your photography journey. You will be able to see your growth from time to time, which can be very encouraging, especially on days when you feel like your photography is bad (we all have those days).

8. This helps you analyze your photos critically

When you grow as a photographer, you become better at seeing your photos more critically and regulating them. Photography blogs can also help with this. The process of writing a post about photos will help you analyze it better because you spend more time thinking about why, how, what, and if there are photos.

Why did I take the photo? How can I fix it? What story did he tell? If I use a different lens, how to change it? You will be surprised how many more questions you will ask when you write.

9. This can open new opportunities

Sharing your photos really put yourself out there, which can be scary. One of the advantages of that is that it makes it easy for people to find you. Google likes a blog, so you are far more likely to appear if someone is looking for something you share on your blog than if you just share it on social media.

Over time, the more you share on your photography blog, the more likely you appear in the search. More visibility means greater potential to be found by photo buyers or other sites.

10. Write your creativity training

You might not think about it like this, but writing can be a very creative outlet. Your previous class experience might be contrary to this, but that is true.

Writing creatively training the same brain parts as photography, so it makes sense that they strengthen each other. You might not think that sitting and knocking on a computer can help your photography, but that can. Blog is the right place to train your creative muscles regularly.

11. You will inspire others

I lost the count of how many emails or comments that I have from people who have read my blog and feel encouraged or inspired. This is related to my previous points about people who know you better.

When people read your blog and start to know you, it shows them that you are only another human with a camera that is on the way too. Photo blogs make you more fun, and people are more likely to be inspired by you if they feel they can connect with you.

12. Blogging itself can be another hobby

If you are like me, you might not need another hobby, but listen to me. Blogging might not be for you. It doesn’t matter.

On the other hand, you might really like it and it might grow from outlets to share your photography like reptacular ranch, into something you do for pleasure. You won’t know unless you try.

What are you waiting for?

This is only 12 from dozens of reasons to start a photography blog. I really encourage you to try it. If you are one of many photographers who have a blog but let it slip, why don’t you take it anymore? Maybe you are already on the fence about it and this article will give you encouragement.

There are many blogging platforms to choose from, but I highly recommend WordPress. I also recommend a free blog course on a problogger (another site by the creator of DPS Darren Rowse).

Do you already have a photography blog? What benefits come from him? Still on the fence? I want to hear your experience or question in the comment area below.

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